About One Love

The One Love Festival is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most anticipated conscious gatherings in the Southern California festival scene! We combine a unique blend of music, fashion and influencer trends, with a strong sense of yoga and spirituality, to complement the innovation, art and spectacle of our hand-picked creative installations and art cars/stages curated each year. The One Love Music & Art Festival is a mission-driven gathering that brings the West Coast’s conscious community together in Lake Perris, CA for a shared experience of oneness & love.

We are on a mission to create a festival experience of love in action, where all participants can not only enjoy the music and dance, but also feel completely secure, accepted, and loved– creating a community sentiment of compassion and joyfulness that extends beyond our weekend gathering and into the hearts and communities of all who participate in One Love Fest.

Our Ethos

  • Acknowledge Everyone: Accept Who They Are Exactly the Way They Are
  • Show Compassion: Listening and Caring for Others Warms the Hearts of All
  • Love All: Love Creates a Feeling of Security and Freedom to Be Self-Expressed
  • Embrace Expressive Freedom: Feel Safe and Confident to Dance Joyfully without Fear of Judgement
  • Be Socially Responsible: Respect Our Planet with Leave No Trace Policy, Solar Power Implementation, and Re-Forestry Efforts

2019 Initiatives in Progress

  • Operating Festival 100% Solar-Powered in 2019 (Was 50% Solar-Powered in 2018)
  • Supporting Re-Forestry Efforts by Planting Numerous Mature Trees at Park During Festival (4 Trees Planted During 2018 Festival) with Our Partner "HumanaTree"
  • Fostering Possibilities for Creative Expression by Partnering with "Voices of Our Cities" Organization
  • Giving Back by Donating 50% of Festival Profits to Other Non-Profit Organizations (Such as Scripps Research Institute, Earthday, and More TBD)