Rori Montali: Tantra Workshop

Rori Montali: Tantra Workshop


Rori Montali is known for her intuitive abilities to help women feel sensation in their bodies through intimacy and connection.

Rori Montali has experienced a trauma which caused challenges in many facets of her life including her relationships and her education. She had to heal herself to feel sexual connections with men and learn how to communicate her desires and boundaries.

Rori is a Jewish-Italian New Yorker. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Buying from Oneonta State University, is certified in Fashion Show Production from the American College of London, and is certified in Hotel, Meeting, and Event Management. She has worked for Vanity Fair as an Account Executive. She has owned her own business as an Event Planner for many years. She also is a certified Yoga Instructor that specialized in Yin Yoga. She is a fitness instructor and is also an Intimacy and Connection Tantra Trainer and Cranial Sacral and Massage Therapist.

Her main focus today is to share interactive exercises that help women have their own special experiences and personal breakthroughs within themselves and within their relationships.

Tantra Workshop: Come Single or bring a partner

One Hour Workshop but would be great if it was an hour and half if you can make that happen.

A Puja is devotion or an offering. At this event you will be led through different stations consisting of questions, being seen and heard, or touch, breath, sound.

This is a pink puja (sensual but non-sexual) with sensual overtones and room to explore where you and your partner wish to discover. This event may contain eating food off of one another, toning and playing music on intimate parts of your partner’s body. Boundaries will be negotiated and all no’s will be graciously honored. Everyone will be encouraged to check inward, find the space of your own “Hell Yes!” and continuously play from that place.

We attach the word ‘sacred’ to any practice, experience, or way-of-being that slows us down and deepens our experience of being alive. Our sensuality is a manifestation and expression of our vital sexual life force and creative energy. It can play, move, and be shared and enjoyed in many ways.

Join us for sacred exploration of this force in a fun environment! This get-together will include extremely powerful boundary-setting practices, then exercises to help us bond, practice surrender, and play like children.

Come with your desire to unmask the secrets of your heart. Come ready to release those energies that hold you back from manifesting love. Come explore ways to experience more joy fully in your life.