Experience Healing and Alchemy – Divojan

Experience Healing and Alchemy – Divojan


Divojananda (Divoja) is recognized as a master healer specializing in removing pain and limitations on the physical, emotional, and cellular levels which opens the door of all possibilities to flow. She has successfully helped countless clients who suffer from depression, insomnia, chronic pain, eating disorders, high blood pressure, emotional trauma, greif and many other emotional issues. Divoja is intuitive, passionate, intentional, and creates a wonderfully safe, serene space in which to perform her magic.

Divojananda utilizes wide range of healing techniques from Yogic Science to Quantum Healing modalities such as Cellular Resonance Technique, Marma Therapy, Breath Work, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Trinity Integration Healing, Channeling, Traditional Yoga and Meditation.

Divojananda was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has given numerous spiritual talks, healing sessions, yoga sessions, meditation classes for adults and children in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and India since 2010. Divojananda also offers private healing retreat for those who are ready for the next step of their spiritual and personal growth.

Workshop Details

Experience Healing and Alchemy

Participants will experience the “Law of Grace” hands–on healing. “The Law of Grace” supersedes the Law of Karma. Karma brings the unresolved emotional issues into the present. The “Law of Grace” dissolves places attracting karmic energy and removes toxic emotions.

We will also be sharing Alchemy to raise consciousness.