CHI GONG for Energy, Centering & Balanced Living

CHI GONG for Energy, Centering & Balanced Living


Master Chi Gong & Tai Chi instructor Chris Luth will guide you through several individual Chi Gong (internal energy) exercises, that in addition to increasing levels of vitality & health….have very specific psychological/energetic effects on the practitioner. Each of these will be linked as an antidote or balancing tonic to specific types of common stressful life situations. These exercises are easy to learn and when used, produce very noticeable calming & empowering effects.
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Is a renowned Tantra Teacher… and an internationally recognized Tai Chi & Chi Gong Master with more than 40 years experience. He is a member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame & 2 time National Tai Chi Champion (and Head National Competition Judge). Chris is also the creator of the “Energy Based Sensuality”tm and “E.Sensual Massage”tm systems…. (which combine his lifetime of Energy Work and Tai Chi with Tantra & Sensuality)… and has been teaching worldwide for the last 30 years. He specializes in applying these arts to our daily lives and in creating “Fun & Enriching” learning experiences! More Info at: and