mari fragrance of sound



Kaiumari has 20 plus years of interactive sound circle, toning, guided meditation, movement meditation, improvisation and singing experience. She is also a student of Chi Kung, and an accredited facilitator in meditation practices. Kaiumari has a working in-depth knowledge of sound and it’s effects upon brain states and physiology. She has facilitated numerous events for churches, senior centers, and gatherings in the United States as well as has taught arts at the Armory Center of the Arts, Montecito Arts institute, Antelope Valley College, Cinema Academy, and in the Unified school districts.

Esteban Ayotl

Esteban is a traditional shamanic medicine person. This lineage was handed down from his Guadalajaran grandmother. He has formally studied shamanism with a Mongolian – Southern Ute teacher for 20 years. He also has been drumming since he was 8 years old and knows the in-depth scientific background of just how and why drumming is an effective therapeutic tool for healing, stress reduction and accessing one’s subconscious mind and higher states of consciousness. He leads drumming workshops, and interactive sound circles with Kaiumari, is a student of Chi Kung and is an astronomer and member of the Orange County Astronomers. He has facilitated events
for churches, the Boy Scouts of America, O.C.A, schools, in Orange County and in the Los Angeles area. He is currently apprenticing with Master F. Awe, an African priest and master of the African Talking Drum.

Leanora Panisch

Leanora has been teaching dance since she was in her 20’s. Leanora has been a producer and performer at dance and improvisational salons for many years, and used to have a long running one woman show in the Los Angeles area. At a ripe age of 87, she still continues her dance, and teaches to the lucky students who receive her presence. Leanora and Kaiumari have been working together for more than 6 years.


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